My roof started leaking, what now

leaking roof

Nobody ever wishes to find water leaking from their ceiling. Whether you are home when the leak begins or come home to it, it is necessary that you take immediate action to avoid further damage to your home.

Contain the Leak

leaking roof

If you find water dripping from a bulge or discoloration in your ceiling, it’s most likely that water is pooling on the other side of that bulge or dark spot. Get a bucket, trash can, or some other container and place it under the site of the drip or presumed leak. You may even want to think about propping up a board inside the container so the drips hit the board and not the built up water. This will decrease the repeated dripping noise.

Next, take an old screwdriver, find the center of the bulge where water is accumulating and puncture it right in the middle. It might seem weird to punch a hole in your ceiling to stop a leak, the new hole will allow the water to drain smoothly and relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling. The entire ceiling might collapse if water accumulates and swimming pools.

If you are confident you know where the leak is coming from and can safely get to the source, cover the exterior surface with a big tarpaulin. If you can’t reach it, or feel risky doing so, it would be best to instantly contact a roofing specialist. Many reputable roofing businesses use emergency situation tarping services. As you might already know, sadly if your roof is actively leaking due to weather, a roofing specialist can not fix the leak until that weather condition has stopped. The tarping service will serve as a temporary fix to lessen the damage inside your home until your roofing professional can fix the issue.

A knowledgeable roofing expert will examine your roof both from the outside of the roof itself in addition to the within your house, typically through the attic. Checking the underside of the roof sheeting can reveal indications of water damage, however it is not a sure-fire method so checking the roof for damage is required.

Dangers of Waiting

leaking roof

It is important to act quickly when it comes to a roof leak. Leaking roofings never ever fix themselves or improve on their own. If the leak isn’t bad yet, even. Get it fixed now. Frequently we speak with property owners that they observed a stain on their ceiling or perhaps some bubbling for some time however thought it wasn’t serious. Avoidance and ignoring will not fix a leak in your roof. Oftentimes by the time you notice damage within your house it is currently far too late. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends examining your roof twice a year, in the fall and spring. Here is what to search for to prevent a fixable issue from becoming a damaging and pricey repair work. On the within, you ought to try to find:

Dark spots

Areas where outside light shines through


On the outside, you need to watch out for:

Missing, deformed, decomposing, peeling, broken, blistering, or buckling shingles

Clogged or slow-draining gutters/downspouts

Loose product or wear around chimneys or vents

It can probably be spot-repaired rather of needing a total replacement if your roof is less than 15 years old. Just keep in mind that a small leak will not go away– it will only become worse.

Roof leaks are typically simply indications of a much larger issue. Both risk and the likelihood of structural disintegration boost if unaddressed. Regular evaluations are your best defense versus a leaking roof. Be vigilant, search for leaks, and talk with your contractor about the condition of your roof routinely.

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