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Best roofing contractors in Aurora

For quality & trusted roofing contractors , look no further than the roofing experts at Aurora Home Roofing. Our expert team has happily provided exceptional roofing services to Aurora and surrounding neighborhoods for over 40 years. Our extremely knowledgeable team is devoted to providing the outright finest in roofing contracting to Aurora, IL Homes and companies.

Our contractors take pride in their work. You are hiring true roof contracting and repair professionals when you hire us. On the job, our expert group is the pinnacle of professionalism. Our worksite is always properly organized and property safety is constantly the primary concern. That is why Aurora Home Roofing is the top option for roofing contractors in Aurora and surrounding areas .

Aurora Home Roofing offers a comprehensive list of roofing services for homes and businesses including:

Roof repair
Roof installation
Roof appraisal
Roof inspection
Roof contracting
Solar installation

Aurora Home Roofing services are available to both companies and homeowners alike. Call the expert group to get a free quote today.

Don’t sacrifice looks for function, have both

Your roof is the most important thing on your home since it protects you from the elements, and it likewise highlights the exterior style of your structure. It is among the most noticeable parts of your home's décor. A brand-new roof not only makes your home or company look much better, however it likewise increases the worth of your home.

That is why functionality and beauty play equivalent parts at Aurora Home Roofing and why the roofing contractors provide a variety of alternatives. From asphalt shingles to standing joint metal, slate tiles or rubber roofing, and more, the professional contractors help you pick the very best option to satisfy both functional standards and to enhance the appeal and value of your home or business.

If you've been postponing replacing an aging roof or are seeking for something new and aesthetically pleasing, don't hesitate to call the specialists at Aurora Home Roofing, IL today.

Roofing Options

Aurora Home Roofing, IL offers a variety of roofing options to fit all budget plans. From the cost-efficient traditional asphalt shingle roof to the ultra-durable stone coated metal, there is a roof that fits your requirements. Your options include:

Asphalt shingle


Stone coated

Slate tiles

Spanish clay tiles


With numerous alternatives, the contractors at Aurora HomeRoofing will assist you pick a roof that meets your spending plan, functionality, and visual needs. Give us a call today to see how we can help you and your roof.

Accurate Roofing Inspections

Has a storm, heavy snowfall, wind damage, or standing water after rain caused damage to your roof? Aurora Home Roofing also provides accurate insurance claim inspections. Often storm damage is tough to assess from the ground so it's important to find small damages before they lead to a significant and expensive problem down the line.

Our professional roofing contractors perform extensive inspections offering you an in-depth report on the condition of your roof together with guidance and professional suggestions. The contractors locate any areas of issue and even assist you with your insurance coverage claim process.

Even if you are not filing an insurance claim, there are many other factors for an expert roofing inspection from the contractors at Aurora Home Roofing. For example, if you are moving into a new home, selling your present one, or are considering roof replacement, an examination from Aurora Home Roofing is a great idea. Nobody in the industry is as thorough, truthful, and professional.

If you need an inspection done right the first time, call the roofing contracting experts at Aurora Home Roofing.

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Was looking to sell my home but needed to get my roof appraised to increase my home value. These guys made sure my roof was in top shape before my realtor listed it on market. I got more than expected due to great condition they left it in
Robert Gailos

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